Why Are So Many People Dying On Thailand’s Roads? (What’s On Sukhumvit)

The tragic story of 25 people losing their lives in a crash between a minivan and a pick up truck in Chonburi was a real hammer blow for me.

I thought of the victims; of their lives and their loves and their worries and hopes. But I also thought of their families; of parents burying children, of newly orphaned boys and girls, and of husbands and wives whose loved-ones’ lives were snuffed out in an instant with all the cruel, nihilistic meaninglessness the universe is capable of.

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The Myth Of Papal Culpability In The Spread Of HIV (The Mitrailleuse)

One of the pillars of being Catholic in this modern age (if I may borrow a theological concept from Islam) is the ability to display patience in the face of all sorts of slander against the Church, but after years of reading articles and comments online in which people propagated the myth that the Catholic Church is to blame for the spread of HIV in the developing world, I was prodded into action.

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